Our sweet little Buddy boy passed February 2nd, 2022. Buddy came from the same breeder as Trixie and Amber and until his passing was a retired Stud.

He is sadly missed and loved dearly, RIP Buddy Boy!

Buddy boy

Brutus – Rescued from DINO “Dogs in need Organisation”

Although not a Cavalier, Bro (Brutus) was rescued by us in 2016, near as we can figure he was an Elkhound/Shepherd cross. He was found running the streets in the Northwest Territories and clearly had never been in a house, seen a TV, stairs etc. He had quite the attitude, thinking he could go walkabout whenever he wanted and back to his old ways. He quickly softened and became a big cuddly guy, loyal and loving. Sadly we lost Bru February 5, 2023, just over a year after Buddy.

Brutus / Bru / Brubru